Ham-Par Happenings

December 2017 Volume 42/Issue 4

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Mrs. Hasse's Spotlight

Welcome to the holiday season! We are ending the first trimester! Unbelievably quickly, we have established relationships with friends old and new and set our sights on goals for the year! Our school-wide and personal goals are in full swing. (Have you heard that 1st grade is doing amazing work in this area? Check them out on our Facebook page!)

With the hustle and bustle of the season it is easy to succumb to the many demands that the holidays can bring. We prepare for so much: family gatherings, special travels, holiday meals (and many of them), shopping trips and the many outings. As much as we have the best intentions and can be highly organized, this time of year can also bring many stressors to both you and your child. As parents, despite our super human qualities, children can fall victim to later bedtimes, hectic trips to the store, or even the financial strain that it can bring. It's easy to do as it's hard to hide the many issues of life, despite the happiest times, it can bring.

What possibly can support us all, including your Ham-Par kids, in this time? I truly believe it is a couple things! Routines, first and foremost, will help your child thrive. Try not to squeeze more and more moments from their day. Additionally, much like my conversation about partnerships both at home and at school during Curriculum Night in September, now is the time to support each other as a team! We can continue to move forward together, as best as we can to ensure: homework/W.I.G. reading gets done, iPads/Chromebooks get charged, and attendance and regular bedtimes are met. Next, openly communicate and continue to believe that we hold each and every child's best intentions at heart! (That's what we are in the business to do)! Lastly, I recommend to be mindful. Go ahead and take a moment to be present. Present for the many "unique genius" qualities your very own leader brings. Leaders (aka your child) of all kind, should be celebrated in their own right. Take a moment sitting in stillness (even if it's just a moment while they are in the carseat in the back) to acknowledge their goodness. See their strengths. Recognize your "genius" too. Let this be your grounding practice to help you live in the moment this month especially and all year long too!

In the end, with all of this advice, I promise to lead in the same way. To each of you a part of this team, be sure this holiday season to be mindful....be blessed!

Merry Christmas & Happiest New Year!

Love, love, love!

Mrs. Hasse

Classroom Corner

Each month we feature something happening in our school (school-wide or at a particular grade level). This month's feature is brought to you by kindergarten in Mrs. Beringer's classroom.

Tuesday, November 21st kindergarten students and their special guests studied Thanksgiving in Mrs. Beringer's classroom. By studying the pilgrims, kindergarteners got the opportunity to answer many things in order to relate it to themselves in many exciting, active, and hands-on ways including:

  • Identify the beginning, middle, and end of the historical narratives or stories.
  • Create a timeline using their own lives.
  • Describe ways people learn about the past (photos, artifacts, diaries, stories, videos).
  • Explain why people do not have the right to do whatever they want (e.g. to promote fairness, ensure the common good, maintain safety).
  • Recognize that maps and globes represent places.
  • Describe ways people use the environment to meet human needs and wants (e.g. food, shelter, clothing).
  • Describe economic wants they have experienced.
  • Recognize situations in which people trade.
  • Describe fair ways for groups to make decisions.

A great time...and much learning....was had by all!

Recess Reminders

Cold weather is upon us! Students go outside sometimes twice a day. Please make sure they have coats, hats, gloves and will soon need snow pants/boots. Students that do not have snow pants or boots will have to stay on the blacktop during recess time. Please label all pieces of clothing as many of these items look the same. Often times our lost and found in the cafeteria is overflowing!

Recess expectations:

Students who are dressed for the snow (winter gear: boots, snow pants, hats, gloves etc.) can play outside on the equipment. Students who have winter coats only (no boots or winter gear) will be asked to stay on the blacktop. We want students to run around and have fun, however, sitting in wet clothes for the afternoon is not how we want students to spend the rest of their day. So, it is important to “begin with the end in mind” and prepare for the weather! And as a reminder, no throwing snow, please!

Plus/Delta Board

Have you seen our behavioral W.I.G. (Wildly Important Goal)? It's on our "Plus & Delta Board" near the teacher's lounge. Thanks to students voting in Digital Literacy with Mrs. Touchette for the deciding target. Together, students vote for which area in the school needs their fellow students' leadership attention. This month, students said to focus their efforts and habits on the lunchroom. Which classrooms will lead the way with making the best choices possible? Check it out! Plus side means keep going strong. Delta side means room for improvement. Students are working hard to do the right thing even when no one is looking.
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Lunchtime (Adult) Leadership

Here's many of our noon duty cafeteria and support staff! Not pictured: Mrs. Gogo, Mrs. Cindy (our cook), and Mrs. Towne.

Bulldog Blog


Students at HP lead the way with top happenings and thoughts each month! This trimester, Riley & Callie are working to bring you what's happening with HP!

Hello leaders! This is Callie and Riley the HP journalists. Today we will talk about the Ham-Par Spirit Days. On Monday, December 4th is Red and Green day. On Friday, December 8th is Holiday Socks Day. On Monday, December 11th is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. On Friday, December 15th is Christmas Headwear Day. On Monday, December 18th is dress like a Christmas Character (elf, Santa, Mrs.Claus, reindeer...etc) and on Thursday December 22nd is Christmas Pajama Day.

Next we are going to tell you about the fantastic Santa Shop! On Monday, December 4th is Santa Shop. You get an envelope that has a bunch of people that you can buy gifts for. Some are mom, dad, brother, sister, pet, etc.. When you get called down to the gym or you bring down the envelope that has all the money you need to use to buy your gifts. Gifts are starting at $2/each. Now if you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about ask your child because they have a paper all about it.

Sorry it was so short today but remember Hamilton-Parsons students are Learners, Leaders and Bulldogs forever!!!

P.A.W.S. Updates/Reminders

Santa Shop is coming on December 4th. Thank you in advance for all that volunteered. Our volunteer window has closed due to the background check lead time needed. Please call the office with further questions or willingness to help out.

Our upcoming events:

  • Family Movie Night December 8th @ 6:00 pm
  • P.A.W.S. Meeting December 12th @ 8:30 am
  • Spirit Wear delivery by December 21st Please contact hamparpto@gmail.com if your order includes gifts.

Thank you and have a great month!

Habits @ Home

Each month we will feature information regarding student learning in the Habits from a parent or staff on the Family Learning Action Team. This month is written by: Maggie Guaresimo, Leader in Me Parent Liaison.

This month we are digging deeper into Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind.

Begin with the End in Mind means to have a plan, to think about how you would like something to turn out before getting started. Reading a recipe before cooking, looking at a map before leaving on a trip or finding ways to reach an important goal are all examples of how adults begin with the end in mind.

For children, thinking about what they want a picture to look like before drawing, rehearsing a story orally before writing, or looking at the cover of a jigsaw puzzle before putting it together is beginning with the end in mind.

Here are some book suggestions for children that reinforce Habit 2:

  • The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

  • Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats

  • Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that Type by Doreen Cronin

  • The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

Expect your child to use words like: begin with the end in mind, goals, choices, plan and “sticking with it” in their conversations this month. You can encourage your child by using some of these words at home, like we do at school, as well.

For more information...

  1. Visit The Leader In Me's official website
  2. Visit A.B. Combs Elementary School's website to learn about why Leader In Me was created
  3. Visit Beaumont Elementary School's website to learn about how the program is implemented at other schools (Michigan's 1st LIM school located in Waterford)
  4. Visit the Sean Covey website for 7 Habits games and activities for kids

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary School

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary is a K-5 elementary school in Romeo Community Schools home to 475 Bulldogs! Ham-Par, for short, is Michigan's 120th Leader in Me school and the first school in Romeo to adopt the LIM processes as a part of best practice from the Franklin Covey Foundation.

Vision Statement: We choose to empower students by teaching life-long habits so that they are prepared to succeed today, tomorrow, and always.

Mission Statement: Hamilton-Parsons... Learners, Leaders, Bulldogs Forever!

Mrs. Andrea Hasse, Ed.S., principal

Mrs. Lisa Seeley, secretary