Social Network Tips

Ms. Linton 5th Grade Class

Social Networking

Social networking was originally used to connect with people with similar interest. It also was used to connect with family and friends.

The question I would like to ask parents is, "What are you doing to protect your child in the cyber world?"

Educate Our Students about Social Networking

It is very important for parents to be aware of what our children are doing online. Most students have some type of social media account like Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat and more. Some of the things that you will need to make each student aware of is that once something is on the internet it doesn't go away. The End-User Agreement should always be read so that you will know what to expect on a site. For an example, Facebook accounts aren't deleted, they are just deactivated. Every site that is visted can be looked up by the IP address. Parents need to have discussions with their children and come up with an agreement to go by

Example of Social Networking


  1. Come up with an agreement to go over and for your child to sign
  2. Let your child know that It's okay to report inappropriate behavior
  3. Set time and places where electronic devices can and can't be used for social media
  4. Set up restrictions by using firewall blocker and parental control