All should have rights!

so why are homosexuals excluded?

People are denied unalienable rights

Definitions of words change all the time and marriage is no exception. It used to be marriage is a man and woman coming together for wealth and strength between families and not always done with love in mind, well now most people marry when they are in love with each other and want to be a family with each other and get certain benefits, why are people denied this?

but It's a choice!

No, it's just not...
some people are born with things and there is just no way around it! some things we just can't choose, lets take left handed people for example, they don't choose to be left handed just like being male or female it's not a choice. And why should we deny things to people because of what gender of people they are attracted towards, what if it was water we can't deny a necessary ingredient of life to people so why can we deny what their pursuit of happiness is?

We are all human beings

we can be the same and should be the same