The Texan Way

By Andrew Franco

Marijuana Legalization

“It is certainly something that we are very interested in.” (Gordon, 1): CEO of Kush Tourism. Of the three jurisdictions where voters approved marijuana legalization in November, Washington D.C. is the smallest but the most symbolically. Congress can try to stop this by barring the D.C. council from spending money to implement it.

My opinion on marijuana

My opinion on marijuana is if you are not smoking marijuana, then you're not living. Marijuana is the best thing that has ever happened. It prevents disease, causes happiness and extreme laughter. When you smoke marijuana, it will cause you to eat, laugh, and sleep like a baby. If you don't smoke marijuana, you honestly have no idea what your missing out on. Marijuana is simply the best.

INteresting facts

1.) Legalizing marijuana could bring peace to the US-Mexico border.

2.) Ending prohibition is good for racial justice.

3.) Marijuana is politically relevant.

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