Statistics and Probability

Task 1 - Pre-assessment

Click on the links below to take your pre-assessments on scatterplots. You will need to take both pre-assessments. Write down how many questions you get right.

Task 2 - Introduction to Scatterplots

Watch the following video to gain an idea of what a scatterplot is and what they might be used to show. After watching the video go to to create a wordle on scatter plots. (When trying to create your wordle use Safari. Chrome will not work as well right now.) Research and read about scatter plots and their purpose. Copy and paste some text into the wordle text box then click GO. Determine which words stick out the most in your wordle.
Scatterplots and Correlations

Task 3 - Notes

Use the image below to create your notes for scatterplots. Draw the Frayer Model, or as Mr. Cable calls it the Vocab. Square, in your notebook with all information provided. This will be your notes on scatterplots to start out the unit.
Big image

Task 4 - Correlation Practice

When you have reached task 4 please see me for the practice sheet. Make sure to read the directions when given the sheet. Ask any questions that you are still unsure of at this point.