Housing In Singapore

Past , present & future


Most of the interviewer respond that they have stay in Tiong Bahru since young . Some interviewer respond the special place in Tiong Bahru is the transport as the transport over there is easy and some say that it is special to them due to the food centre . All in all , most of the interviewer said that Tiong Bahru is the place where they grew up.
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Present of SengKang Estate . The town now comprises four large neibourhood which is located within SengKang. There is also many high rise building such as HDB , mall & facilities in SengKang area .
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This is the future of SengKang Estate. Singapore is getting more and more develop in many area. Many housing and mall is being develop into a convenior place . Singapore now a days are having reconstructing the older building. Some older building have contain many childhood memories and people might not wish to destroy the housing. Some might even wish to show it to the youngest generation of where their parent grew up when they was young.
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