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Friday, November 13, 2015

Thank you!

PTA would like to thank you all for your community service in civic engagement. This is an integral part of GTES Standard #9.

If you attended, please collect a jeans pass/chase the bus from Yolanda Lanuza.


Monday, November 16

  • 7:15 Am-Cardio Club
  • 9 AM-A TEAM Mtg.
  • 2:45 PM-CLUBS (Basketball & Sparkles)
  • 4:45-STEMLT
Tuesday, November 17
  • 7:15 Am-Cardio Club
  • SST
  • 3:15 PM-Grade Level Committee Report Out
  • 5-6:30 PM-Science Fair & STEM Night-Cafe
Wednesday, November 18
  • CLT -All Grade Levels ESOL Dept.
  • 2:45-4:30PM CLUBS ( Student Council & Coding)
  • 2:45-5PM-Cheer Club
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-Technology JIT
Thursday, November 19
  • Cardinal Newsletters DUE
  • CLT (1,4,5)/HOST (K, 2, 3)-MA
  • Cobbler Gobbler-After School!
  • 2:45-5 PM-Girls Scouts-Cafeteria
  • 3-4:30PM-Reader's Rally
Friday, November 20
  • Spirit Day
  • GRITS and GAB
  • 7 AM-Chorus Club
  • 7:30 AM-Special Ed. Mtg-cafe
  • 8:30-9:15 AM-Kindergarten Play-GYM
  • 9-12-Annual Spelling Bee-Media Center


Monday, November 23-Friday, November 27

Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!!!!

December Calendar Feedback

The December calendar has been updated. Please look at it now on google calendar and provide feedback by Wednesday, November 18 to our anonymous board or your BUILT Leader. BUILT Leaders, please provide all feedback to me-Yolanda Lanuza by Thursday November 19. I will be printing calendars and getting them in boxes on Friday, November 20th.

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Retirement Planning

If you are interested in a session at our school regarding Retirement Planning please click on the link below and do the survey. Thanks!


Hello Staff,

In an effort to say thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the students of Bethesda Elementary, we are giving you the GIFT OF TIME (GOT)!

We know you have been quite busy and you've stayed the course. You've attended learning experiences and meetings, worked on report cards, got ready for conferences, administered the ITBS, planned collaboratively, and composed RBES goals.

WHEW! That's a lot and we didn't even name everything! We know your plates have been full and that is why you truly deserve this GIFT! Please review the attachment and look for your name and time.

Are you all in? To make this work we need everyone's help. Please review the attached UPDATED schedule carefully and note we will have double duty on GOT days. If you have any questions or concerns, please email LaToya. She is our scheduling master mind who worked really hard on this schedule.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy!

Your A-Team!!!!

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Staff Updates:

  • Jennifer Andall is moving to a part-time instructional clerk and will be pushing into regular ed classrooms for literacy support.
  • Aymee Rodriguez is moving to Ms. Fitten's class as a full time parapro.
  • We also have an opening for another part-time instructional clerk to support students. We are hoping to find a certified teacher who is looking for an opportunity. Let me know if you know someone interested.

Georgia Milestone Assessment Release


We expect that the state will release the 2014-15 Georgia Milestone Assessment school and district level results on Monday, November 16th. We have not received the individual student score reports in the district, but we expect to receive them in the next few weeks. Student reports will initially be posted on the parent portal and then paper scores will be sent once they have been sorted based on current enrollment.

Dr. Fincher (State) shared that the state will release the following information for each school and district:

  • number of students tested; mean scale score;
  • percent of students in each of the four achievement levels (Beginning Learner, Developing Learner, Proficient Learner, Distinguished Learner);
  • the percent of students who achieve Developing Learner and above; and
  • the percent of students who achieve Proficient Learner and above;.

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Teacher Survey Request

The Georgia Department of Education is studying the reasons why teachers leave public education as a profession. Classroom teachers across the state are invited to take a few moments to answer 7 questions to help the DOE better understand how to reverse this trend in Georgia. We greatly appreciate your time and feedback and know that working together we can make a difference in public education in Georgia.
Thanks for your opinion!

Hello everyone,

Yes, another survey. Each one counts in a different way, so please complete it and participate. This survey is a state survey and it counts for CCRPI. As you know, we are trying to get the highest rating. Non-participation or low participation could adversely affect our CCRPI STAR Climate Rating. Last year we were a 5 star rating school. This one we can control!!!

Please complete the personnel survey by clicking the link below...
Georgia School Personnel Survey:
The CCRPI Survey results are used in the STAR rating calculations.

Please Dojo this link out to your parents and let them know this is important for our State school ranking. If you are a Bethesda parent, please complete it asap.
Georgia Parent Survey:

Thanks for your participation right now here is our participation number: Great start!

Please mark your calendar for January 8th 6:00-8:00: International Night, our next PTA event and we would love your participation. If you want to know how you can help or questions, please email Based on feedback from communication regarding Harvest Fest, I am empowering you now to find out how you can help J

Tech Tips for November 13, 2015

Congratulations to our top five eCLASS users for the last week: Bente Small, Heather Thorpe, Jazlyn Wright, Emily Marabotto, and Kendall Bennett! You all had a combined total of 3,151 minutes of activity!

As we discussed in our meetings yesterday, our eCLASS student usage has been steadily increase for the last four weeks. Keep up the good work! Remember, I am available to help you work with our students on any technology project, including discussion boards. Just email me, and we will work out a schedule! Finally, be on the lookout for some screencast videos to help you with creating widgets, discussion boards and more!

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Are you interested in becoming a DLI English teacher?

Here are a few things you should know, so you can prepare now:

We prefer to select teachers that have the following certifications

o English/Spanish: Gifted

o English: Gifted and ESOL

This is especially important as we begin the program in grades 2-5. Prepare now, so you can be considered

Self Reflection: Fidelity Check


  • 5-10 min. mini lesson/warm up
  • 15-20 min. small group instruction (two groups if you have a support staff)
  • 3-5 min Share/Wrap up
  • Grade level focused. Why? We are focusing on OUR students and taking responsibility for all students on the grade level.

Problem Solving Situations Book:

  • We are using them weekly
  • They can be aligned with current standard or review standard
  • Teaching: whole group, small group, modeling, independent, collaboration, etc.
  • Students are goal setting
They will be checked during formative observations

District Support Plan

Schedule at CLT after each session

(Contact your coach with date and they can facilitate.)

Session 1 Monday, Sept. 21: (Video One & Protocol will be posted in BUILT folder in Communities by Sept 29th.)

Session 2 Tuesday, Oct. 27: (Videos & Protocol will be posted in BUILT folder in Communities by Jan 25th. Please choose one or both)

Session 3 Monday, Jan. 25

Session 4 Monday, Feb. 8

Session 5 Monday, Mar. 7

Remember our Focus

Analyzing the Standards (Stay true to the standard)

Building Capacity (Lifelong Learner)

Conquering the Workshop Model

Stay on Pacing (Super important)

(Master this first and then continue to build capacity to add on.)

We are listening!

Please continue to share your perception of our school. Is it really anonymous? YES IT IS! Since it is anonymous, we really can’t follow up when we don’t know specific situations (who, what, when, where, etc.). If you post something and want results, please be as specific as you can, otherwise the situation will continue. Remember, you can come and talk to any of us in confidence. We are here for you and genuinely want the best work environment.

Just like relationships, positive school climate takes work…hard work…we all want the same thing, so let’s work together to get there. Share your thoughts here Click Here to Open or face to face (always best way to communicate).

This is a response from our anonymous board about bugs. Please keep in mind we are now eating in classrooms and this will increase bugs. Keeping our school clean takes a village. There are 6 custodians and 1500 students and staff. Please take responsibility with cleaning up food immediately after breakfast and get the garbage out asap. Additionally, when you see food and wrappings on the floor/hallways, please be a role model and pick it up. Teach your students to do the same. I can't tell you how much garbage I pick up on a daily basis when I visit classrooms and walk the halls. This takes team work. If you see bugs, please email Keith and he will put a work order in. He will need to know what kind of bug. This is helpful to the bug man. Thanks for your comment!

Staff Birthdays!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

  • Davi West

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

  • Susan Hall

Friday, November 20, 2015

  • Jazmyne Henry
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