Coal and Solar Energy

Renewable and Non-renewable Resources

How do solar panels work? - Richard Komp
This video shows what solar panels do and how they convert solar energy into electric energy.

Where can Coal and Solar Energy be found?

Coal is found off of dead plants buried millions of years ago, and solar energy is found from the Sun.

How are these resources formed?

Coal is formed by dead plants hidden under the Earth for millions of years, and solar energy is formed when radiant energy strikes solar cells.

How are these resources used?

Coal is used to power most of the machinery we use in the world, while solar panels provide electric energy for our homes.

What are cool facts about these resources?

Coal actually CAN and is being reproduced, but it is at such a slow rate that doesn't matter. Only 0.1% of the world runs off of solar power, but there is enough where we can run the world forever.

What is one innovative alternative energy form?

For coal, the coal mine rapidly increased the production of coal. The new idea of the solar boat increases the production of electric energy as well.