Back to Basics - Moving your business forward in 30 days

A Month of Motivation! I Want In - Say Yes!

Beauties - I know this is my second email this week but it is a big one! This week I have been in talks with Leah Huxtable, Michelle Skinner, Morgan Rasmussen and other Directors and I can't tell you how inspired I am about this training.

Whether you are brand new to Beautycounter or have been with us for awhile, I invite you to take part in a special group to help you propel your business in 2016! Over the course of the next 4 weeks, our inspiring leadership team will assert small daily action items that you can easily implement with the help of our comprehensive training topics Behind the Counter! We know that consistent action creates consistent results, so think of this group as one big accountability partner.

What to expect -

-Personal Videos

-Examples of conversations (words to use)

-Getting Back to your WHY!

-Tips from the Modular Training


-Win/Loses (how to turn them around)

Start your team and yourself strong this year by doing one thing every day to move your business forward!!

Respond YES and I will add you to this special group - will be a FB or Email group (I am pushing for email).

Let’s Do This! The only difference between “try” and “triumph” is a little uMpH!

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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

2016 is our YEAR! Big Goals, Big Change. I am here to help you succeed - our team is a powerhouse and I want to help you execute your ideas! We are stronger together than apart! How can I help you? Reach out to schedule a call anytime.
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