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As the Weather is getting Cold, Stink Bugs are Knocking to come in!

Have you ever had an encounter with stink bugs? Well, if you have not then here is some useful information to help when they come across your path from Al Hoffer's Pest Control in Hollywood, Florida. Having stink bugs in your home is a major annoyance as they tend to gather together in large numbers. Stink bugs are pests that will feed on fruit, and they also have the distinctive capability to give off an overpowering scent when squished or bothered. When fall has arrived, the home is where they go to seek shelter away from the cold. However, with when spring comes back around, those stink bugs will begin to reemerge back outdoors. Since stink bugs are very recognizable by their small shaped bodies that look like a shield, people will often see this bug and wonder what kind of a threat they pose and might even wonder if they will bite? The stink bug is more of a threat to the industry of agricultural and they are not known to bite anyone. Stink bugs have been around the United States since early 1998 from Asia and become a nuisance pest for many property owners. They are a common household pest that gives homeowners a bug issue in the spring and fall. If you have an existing stink bug issue, you may try using a vacuum cleaner to help you get rid of the pest. Whether alive or dead, stink bugs need to be promptly discarded from the vacuum canister or bag before they start to stink up your home. If your home or business is seeing numbers that are large and overcoming with stink bugs, call the professionals at Al Hoffer's in Hollywood, FL for help at (866) 549-7987. The highly trained technician will come out for a complete inspection for free and be able to assess your pest situation and help customize a solution that will alleviate you of your unwanted pest worries. The main solution to stink bug control is what you are doing for prevention in the fall. When it gets toward the end of summer, you will want to consider doing the following by removing anything in the windows, because stink bugs can gain easy access to the interior of the home through the openings of the windows. Caulk any openings where pipes or wiring enter the home, and be sure to seal any cracks or crevices that are in the foundation. On the top of the home or business, check the attic for any holes or cracks, and replace any screens with even the smallest tear or holes. Lastly, make sure the doors and windows are all sealed with good weather stripping. Do not forget that Al Hoffer's is a licensed, bonded, and insured pest professional control company that is also able to help you with proactive preventative measures. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them today. They are here to provide you with any additional information that you may need as well as help you eliminate any stink bugs and any other unwanted pest that you may be facing.

How do you know if you have a Rodent Problem and where could they be?
Just when you think the cold weather has driven all the pests away, you will notice droppings from rodents in your home. Although, at first they may look like little grains of brown rice, these are tell tale signs that they are not nearly as harmless as they may seem. The feces from mice can contaminate your food and spread diseases to you and your family, so if you see any of the signs of mice in your home you will most likely have an infestation of rodents to deal with. In the fall and winter months, rodents including rats and mice are in search of shelter and a source of food and your home or business is warm for the cold months. Rodents are pests that rely on people to survive, and when they find their way into the interior of your home they look for a safe and out of the way place to live and not be disturbed to build their nest. Mice and rats are able to hide just about anywhere inside your home that will include that attic, basement, closets, inside walls, boxes in the storage rooms, wood piles, and even in the vehicle trunk or engine. As long as the place is undisturbed, rodents will build a nest and live. Once they have built a nest, rodents will begin to search for a source of food. They will inspect your whole house in search of a source of food including crumbs from the cupboards, behind the appliances, in the bags of pet food that is stored in any area. Rodents will tend to follow the same trail; more than ever once it has given them a consistent source of food. Rodents will leave body marks along the walls with the grime as their fur rubs off onto the path of the same track they follow. In addition, you will find or spot droppings in the areas where rodents have been feeding. The moment that you identify a rodent problem in your home, it is in your benefit to contact Al Hoffer's Pest Control Company in Hollywood or South Florida. Their family operated business currently services Palm Beach, Miami Dade, and Broward counties from ant control, termite protection, lawn care, and pest control services. The skilled technicians will be able to identify the areas of an infestation and eliminate the pests once and for all. They will also give any recommendations for environmental solutions that may be necessary to keep these unwanted rodents from returning. Additionally, they will be happy to discuss your pest problem and schedule an appointment for a FREE inspection. For more information on the pest control click here.