JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Friday 13 March 2015

This Week

We :

  • wrote stories by planning using story maps to help with ideas
  • thought about instructions for making Chinese stir fry
  • continued our typing focus during computing
  • used grams weights to weigh different items in the classroom
  • heard about some exciting new resources that will be used in the playground over the coming weeks

Next week

We will:

  • explore food from different countries in Africa
  • share the story 'Handa's Surprise'
  • think about healthy eating (naming a variety of fruit and vegetables)
  • continue with writing instructions and recipes
  • complete written mathematical problems using the +, - and = signs

Research project for at home - Reminder

Over the next couple of weeks, we would like all of the children to take the opportunity to talk about food from the country where they were born, or the countries where they have lived. In class we will display a world map and would like to plot where the Year 1 children are from, including photos of them and traditional food from each place.

You might like to think about the following:

  • what food comes from the country?
  • which country is it from?
  • what does the food look like? how is it cooked? (perhaps photos could be sent in)
  • does this food travel worldwide (to the Netherlands)? if so, how? does it travel by plane, boat, truck?

Please bring in or email the class teachers with photos and explanations to form part of our international food celebration wall.

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