Moreton Island

By Cassie


It is an island that is 40 km long and at its widest point 10 km wide. It is located in Morton Bay and is of the coast of south east Queensland. It is only 40 km away from Brisbane. The island has a 98% percentage of national park and was declared a national in 1986. It has an area of over 19 thousand hectares.

Fresh water lakes

Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon is the largest fresh water lakes on Moreton Island and the easiest to access. Blue lagoon was created naturally by the collection of rain water over thousands of years. Blue lagoon has crystal clear blue water and has white sand that all makes it the best spot for swimming.

Honeyeater Lake

Honeyeater lake is known for all of their waterbirds. The lake is surrounded by banksia flowers that attract honeyeaters.

Mt Tempest

Mt Tempest is the highest sand dune and can be a long walk up the mountain because it is 285 metres above sea level but with a 360 degree view which simply breathtaking. People will be able to see the coast line from the sunshine coast, Brisbane and the gold coast.


The lighthouse that was built on Moreton island was the first lighthouse built in Queensland and it was first lit in 1857. It was built by tradesmen and convicts. The lighthouse was built to help cope with the increased shipping across the northern coast. The lighthouse can be found on the northern point of Moreton island near northern point. The lighthouse has a fantastic view of the ocean where some are lucky enough to sea whales and a view of Moreton Island.

The townships and resorts


There is one resort on Moreton island and is called Tangalooma wild dolphin resort but there are also other camping sites on the island. Tangalooma resort is a place that families can go to relax and have a unique adventure.


There are a few little townships or villages such Tangalooma which is a very popular place on Moreton Island because of the resort and the beautiful water around Tangalooma. There are also some smaller towns such as Kooringal, Bulwer and Cowan Cowan where people can also stay.

The Access to the Island

The transportation to Moreton Island is a boat, barge or ferry and can hold lots of people. Most barges can vehicles and ferries can run daily as well the barges. They also run more of them during the school holidays and on long weekends. One of the usual barges is called the Micat and usually need to book early to get a spot.

Sand dunes and deserts

Sand dunes

One of the most fun and exciting activities to do on Moreton Island is sand tobogganing or sand boarding. Sand tobogganing is like a ride at a theme park and it has been described as a cross between surfing and snowboarding.


There is a desert about a kilometre from Tangalooma and the bare sand dunes with just some patches of minerals and thick vegetation provide sleep slope to make it people slide at down at exhilarating speeds. Since the wind constantly changes there are no footprints to show that there was human life.