Ernest Hemingway


20 Fun Facts of Ernest Hemingway

  1. Ernest was born in Oak Park, Illinois.
  2. He wrote a play called "The Fifth Column" which took place during the Spanish Civil War.
  3. He was awarded a bronze star in the army for his bravery under fire.
  4. His brother, sister, and his father committed suicide.
  5. Ernest and his 4th wife are buried in Idaho.
  6. His first book was published in 1924 and was called "In Our Time."
  7. Ernest received the Nobel Prize in 1954.
  8. Hemingway survived 2 plane crashes.
  9. His birthday is July 21, 1899.
  10. Hemingway moved to Canada in 1920.
  11. Hemingway's face was on a postage stamp in 1989.
  12. Ernest wrote over 8,000 letters in his lifetime.
  13. He enjoyed bug game hunting.
  14. He was a major alcoholic.
  15. Hemingway was very popular and athletic in High School.
  16. His nickname was "Papa."
  17. His writing career started in High School where he wrote for the school newspaper.
  18. He is criticized for his writing because many people believe kit is too short and basic.
  19. He committed suicide on his birthday.
  20. His novel "The Old Man and the Sea" won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953.
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