Modify’s goal is to get rid of/modify the ACT

Issues with the ACT standardize test.

"Students have better things than worrying about passing every standardized test." They get so caught up in studying and trying to remember everything they have learned since day 1. Getting so stressed out can easily cause second guessing and easily freaking themselves out making them miss simple questions that they truly knew.
"Standardized tests do not accurately show a student's knowledge." When students are crunched to read a story and answer 10 questions within 11 minutes they don't fully read the story and process the correct answers. If a student is so worried about making their time, how are they supposed to sort through every bit of information in their brain and work out the problem, to find the correct answer? A student's GPA clearly shows how much they work in school, and their true knowledge. Scholarships would be better based on GPA vs. a timed test.
"Wealthy white students tend to perform better than minority students from poor backgrounds — prevents colleges from bringing qualified minority or disadvantaged students to campus." Those with poor family backgrounds, home issues, or personal issues have trouble putting in 100% when being forced to take a test within limited time. Some students have bigger issues in life than worrying about getting the best possible grade on test. The stress and pressure adds more issues on them, making them more stressed out, and possibly doing worse when taking the actual test.
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The ACT is a way to get scholarships for college and making it easier to send students to college. If students are bad test takers then they don't get scholarships because they don't look intelligent when really they were having family issues at home before they took the ACT or simply knew the material but the questions on the test were worded completely different.

Political Candidates to support

Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2016. His view on education is "It’s Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free." If College was cheaper and easier to get into, the ACT would be unnecessary. It could be optional, but not be necessary for students to get scholarships for college.

How you can help

You can help Modify by casting in your vote for Bernie Sanders, visiting and signinh the petition to get rid of the stressful, harmful test.

Think about the lives of students. Adults remember the stress, let's not watch our children lose happiness over it.