Our game is going to be on progressive field Cleveland indians V.S Seattlemaniers in May the 18th at 1:05 pm.I choose the cleveland indians beacause there my favorite MLB baseball team and cleveland ohio is not very far from coppell tx

The cost for air plane tickets

Our airplane tickets from the dfw airport to cleveland hopkins internatinol airport.we bought plane tickets back and forth for both of us for 847$ from their were gonna take a cab from cleveland internatinol airport to our hotel.the total cost from air port to hotel is 12.4$.


the hotel is marriott airport hotel it is 4.1 miles away from airport. were going to stay for two days and the cost will be 240$ in total


we will have breakfeast at ihop and waste about 20$


We will have lunch at cicis pizz and spent 15$

going to the game

we will go to the game at 1:05pm and take a cab from cicis to the progressive field and the cost will be about 17.4$



we will waste 15$ on snacks.

we will leave and call a cab at the same price of 17.4$

we will eat at tacobell and waste 20$

we will eat at mc donald for break feast the nest day and waste 15%$