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What's your 2014 reading resolution?

Did you set any New Year's resolutions this year? Did any of them involve reading? Make sure to set a reading goal this year, and keep track of your progress all year long!

What were your reading goals last year? Did you meet those goals? Let Ms. Knight know on the library blog (and see how she did with her 2013 resolution to read 400 books)!

Send in your Shelfies!

Have you ever taken a selfie? Well, go one step further, and take a "shelfie!"

What's a "shelfie?" It's a picture of you in front of your bookshelf!

Ms. Knight is now creating a display of "shelfies," and she wants your pictures! The display will feature teachers, students, and even parents!

Digital photos are preferred and should be sent to Ms. Knight at Be sure to include the name of the person(s) in the picture!

Holiday Stocking Contest results!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the very first Fork Shoals Library Holiday Stocking Contest! This year, we had twelve entries, and I hope to see many more next year!

Our winner for the 2013 contest was 4th grader Shawn McMichael and his stocking featuring Chris Gall's book, The Substitute Creacher. Check out the video below to see Shawn's stocking, his fabulous prize, and the other stockings entered in the contest!

2013 FSS Holiday Stocking Contest

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books practice is held each Tuesday in the library from 2:30 to 3:00. This team is open to any 4th or 5th grade student. For more information, click here or see Ms. Knight in the library.

Book of the Week: Double Dog Dare

Kansas Bloom and Francine Halata are up for the same job. Both of them have been nominated to be the fourth grade Media Club’s news anchor for next semester, and their teacher is leaving it up to them to figure out who should get the job. Well, that may not be the smartest idea when a group of fourth-graders is involved. It seems that the job will go to whoever wins a Dare War. The members of the Media Club will vote on dares for Kansas and Francine to complete, and the person who finishes the most dares before winter break will win the anchor job. What could go wrong? (If you guessed pretty much everything, you’re on the right track.)

Almost immediately, the dares in this war get both Kansas and Francine into a bit of trouble. But their troubles are not limited to vying for the anchor position. Kansas has just moved to California from Oregon, and his mom is divorcing his dad after years of turmoil. His little sister is convinced that Dad will eventually return for good, but Kansas isn’t so sure. Kansas is sure, though, that he absolutely must win this Dare War…even though he didn’t really want the anchor job at first.

Francine, who has longed to be anchor for a while, will do whatever it takes to get the job…even if it means eating eighty-seven packets of ketchup, dying her hair green, or going into the boys bathroom. But there may be something she wants more than this position. She wants her parents to get back together. Her dad has moved out, and he and her mom are getting divorced. Francine wonders if there’s anything she could do to fix her family, but how can she do that when her own life is quickly spiraling out of control?

It’s clear than Kansas and Francine have more in common than either of them realize. And when the Dare War comes to a head, will they be able to put aside their battle, work together, and form a friendship in the midst of so much uncertainty? Who will win the coveted anchor job? I double dog dare you to find out when you read Double Dog Dare, a 2013-2014 South Carolina Children's Book Award nominee, by Lisa Graff!

2nd Quarter Reading Challenge

The 2nd Quarter Reading Challenge began on Monday, October 28th. Once again, K5-2nd grade students are challenged to read 30 books (or more) this quarter. 3rd-5th grade students are challenged to read at least 500 pages!

Reading logs were placed in teachers' boxes and handed out to students. Additional reading logs can be found here. The Reading Challenge logs for the 2nd quarter will be due to Ms. Knight on Tuesday, January 21st.

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Dates to Remember:

  • January 6 - 1st day back from break
  • January 10 - Spirit Day
  • January 13 - SIC meeting, 7:30am
  • January 14 - Chick-Fil-A Night Out, 5-8pm
  • January 16 - End of 2nd quarter
  • January 17 - Teacher workday (No school!)
  • January 20 - MLK Day (No school!)

Cafeteria menus

The monthly lunch menu can be viewed on our school website by going to the Parent Tab and then Meals and More. From time to time, the lunch menu may change. To better communicate these changes to you, this page will also have the weekly menu posted to indicate the meals for the week.

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