By Laura and Claire

Spain: Mountains and Flag

There are heaps of mountains in Spain I am going to tell all the ones I know like Montferrat, Veleta, Teide, Aneto, Mulhacen and Pico Almanzor. Beside this text is a picture of the Spanish flag.

Spain's Location, Continent and Rivers

Spains location is eorope and its continent is Spain. Also the capital city is Madrid , the population is 47 million in 2012. Here are some of the Spanish rivers there is Tuia, Genil, Segura, Jucar, Tagus, Guadalquirir, Ebro and Douro.

Here are some Spanish Olympians and People

Here are some more interesting facts

The size, Language and Famous places to visit

The size of Spain is 505,990 km and the language they speck is Spanish. Also the Famous places to visit are Lbiza, Barcelona, Greant canaria. The picture beside this text is of Barcelona.

Food , clothing and Animals found in Spain

Here are some foods that they eat in spain there is seafood, pasta, beans, tapas, potatos and vegetables. They wear jeans, Tee shirts and tops .Most of them wear jeans, Tee shirts and stylish Winter jackets. Here are some Animals that you can find in spain there are Brown Bears, Bats, Tortoises, wolves and wild goats.