Maddie Johnson



I attend school at Hillgrove High School and I am in the eleventh grade. My favorite subjects are math and science.

I have been playing volleyball for 5 years now, and I have been playing for Hillgrove's Varsity team for three years.


I would love to minor in psychology, but I have no idea what I would like to major in yet. Maybe, aeronautic engineering or financial business. I plan on going to UGA too, hopefully I will get an academic scholarship, and worst case scenario I'm hoping volleyball will get me into UGA.

AP Environmental Science

I honestly took this course because my schedule was messed up the first day of school and I wasn't willing to give up my AP Credit. However, it worked out good because I love science and so I'm open to branching out into learning about the environment!

I expect to learn at my own pace and to discover new things that I have yet to realize about the life around me! I have never taken a GAVS course either, I very new to this and still struggling to figure it out. So expect to hear from me with a few questions!

My Favorites

I love to watch horror movies and anything scary. I also keep up with a few TV Shows like Suits, Grey's Anatomy, and American Horror Story. I also love every type to music, it all depends on my mood.