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Yes, I know it's Tuesday :)

Important news to note

My goal is to get out a weekly flyer to help touch on the highlights of things to focus on. Clearly I am a day late on the first attempt, so it can only get better from here!.

The new Little Girls Collection

Believe me when I say it's incredible! If you missed the webinar where it had it's debut, check it out here:
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sample the Little Girls Collection?
YES! You'll be able to sample all of the new items added to the Little Girls Collection with your 50% discount* beginning Tuesday 8/27 - Tuesday 9/3 (11:59pmPT). You'll also be able to sample the Black Madison Tech Toteat 50% off during this time!

When can I begin selling the Little Girls Collection?
The new items will launch to customers on Tuesday, 8/27. If you're not planning to sample the Little Girls Collection, use our Display PDFs - coming soon!

What commission and PCV will I earn on the Little Girls Collection?
You will earn 15% commission on these items and full PCV.

Fall Bootcamp

I could not be more excited about Bootcamps! The Columbia one will be held Sunday, September 15th from 1-5 p.m. at Wildewood Country Club
Loads to learn, giveaways, and lots of fun! You can register for the Columbia one here:
Don't forget to also register for the Meet Stella and Dot Event (from 12:30-1:00). All guests registered by 9/2 will receive a free gift from Home Office. Register for that here:
Not local to Columbia? You can find a full list of all upcoming bootcamps nationwide by clicking on the "events" tab in the stylist lounge.

Dottie, My New BFF!

Have you met Dottie yet?! I am madly in love with our new app! Since her launch, order size is up 20% and everyone loves the simplicity. Check the Product Alert List, show add-on pieces, place orders. It is literally like having a personal assistant at your shows! You can download the App and learn more here:

Hostesses--Thinking Outside the Box

Take the show on the road. Adorn yourself in jewels and arm yourself
with mini look books. Head out to the
mall or your favorite boutiques and window shop. The whole intent is to strike up
conversations with the people you meet. Challenge
Yourself! Head out with a pack of minis labeled and challenge yourself to
exchange contact info with 25 people over 5 days (so 5 a day). Write each
person’s info on a post it note or get a business card. Find a partner and hold each other accountable
– reward yourself along the way!

Take #1 a step further – bring a
portfolio of jewels with you to your favorite store. When a salesperson asks, “May I help you find
something” you can easily reply, “Actually…Yes! You can help me! I’m looking for the perfect dress to go with
this necklace.” Live near a Nordstroms?
Make an appointment with a personal shopper – it’s a free service they offer!

Expand your social circle and create a “better”
you! Join a gym, a community club, a book club, or Junior League. Take a Zumba or yoga class or how about a
cooking or pottery class? You’ll meet
people with the same interests as you and it’s all about building authentic
relationships with the people you meet (S&D should be secondary).

Have a Pop Up Shop. Visit your salon, spa, nail place, studios, and
local boutiques. Talk up your stylist or
ask to speak with a marketing manager. Prospecting in more places than just
where you typically go? Bring a lookbook and note introducing yourself along
with bag of gourmet peanuts tagged with "I know you'll go nuts over our
cute jewelry!"

Mail Out Mondays. Revisit old order forms or your contacts list
in the Lounge. Send our latest lookbook
to previous customers who loved the line when you met them but maybe do not
realize we have now expanded our line.
Follow-up on Friday.

Ask for Referrals. Maybe your inner circle is “tapped out”, but
what about your sister’s, mother’s, bff’s, or coworker’s, inner circle? Offer a
small sparkly token as a thank you if their referral books with you.

Raise Awareness. Raise Funds. Put a call out to your Facebook friends,
co-workers, family, etc. letting them know you are there to support their
cause. Offer the Style Rewards as
auction item OR donate a portion of your commissions.

Ladies Night Out. Search for area restaurants that host ladies
night out on certain nights of the week.
Places like the Melting Pot or Applebees have been known to let stylists
set up a display and talk with their patrons.
Make sure to have a little raffle item to collect contact information
from everyone you speak with.

Network. Network. Network. Find local
women’s networking groups in your area.
Search the web, Facebook, Eventbrite,, or your local Chamber
of Commerce. Look for vendor events like
bridal shows, holiday bizarres, craft fairs, and city celebrations. (Just beware of booth costs and evaluate your
return on investment before signing a contract.)

10. Connect
with other women in business. It’s
natural for women to want to support other women. Partner up for an event and share
contacts. A night of Beauty and Bling
with a make-up consultant or Cupcakes and Couture with someone who is in the
food service business.

New Stylist Training Call

There's a lot of new faces, so let's have a new stylist training. Monday evening 9/1 at 9:00. We will cover the basics of getting started and setting yourself up for a successful business. Perfect for all new stylists or seasoned stylists who are wanting to restart your business.
Call in number: 1.404.920.6699
Password: 74384423#

As Always...

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime! My cell is 803.518.6673 and you can reach me via email