Wild about Jesus in Mrs. B's Jungle

Be strong and courageous.........It's a jungle out there

What's Happening in the Jungle?

We had another fantastic week in the Jungle!!! We were fortunate enough to be able to get a Promethean board in our classroom this week and we used it every day to learn reading, math, writing, spelling and all about Jesus.

In reading we were working on word families and rhyming words and the students were able to sort them by touching them and dragging them where they needed to go on the board. We practiced reading with our Bible lessons and using one to one correspondence with the words and circling them and highlighting them in the verse. We also looked at nouns and plural nouns and had to pick them out of a sentence and then circle them on the board. The list goes on on and on because we incorporated the board with everything we did this week which allowed the students the opportunity to interact with the board and be a part of all my lessons. It was TERRIFIC!!!

In math we continued to work on adding two numbers together and what it means to join the two addends to get a sum. We did many activities on the board where the students were able to not only add the numbers together but then also tell me and show me the related addition fact. They also used hands on manipulatives at their desk to show different ways to show numbers. For example, one student may show me that 6+4=10 and someone else would show me that 5+5=10 until we got all of the different ways to make 10. They really liked having the snap cubes to work with at their desk so that they could find out their own answers.

In Bible we continue to talk about how the Bible is our source of truth and that it needs to be our foundation for how we live our lives. We discussed the books of the Old Testament and New Testament and how the Bible came into existence. We ask the question "What is God like?" and then went to the Bible to find scripture that supported and showed us that we serve a good, powerful, unchanging, loving, truthful God that is always there for us. At our Chapel this week we also talked about the importance of them not only learning God's word but being able to share it with others and know how to bring others to the wonderful truth of our Lord and Savior. As I said before, we had a TERRIFIC week!


WOW! We finished up our Student of the Day writing in Writers Workshop and on Friday we had a celebration. If you follow me on Twitter, I posted a picture that showed their wonderful pieces of work. (If you don't follow me please click on the link at the bottom and follow me because I try to post pictures through out the week to let you know what's happening.) The students were able to share their work with each other and celebrate their writing. They spent time with all of their peers looking at and showing them their favorite part of their book. After they shared books with each other we had an ice-cream sandwich party. It was so much fun! I wanted them to see how proud I was of them and all of their hard work over the last 20 days getting these books ready. They did a wonderful job with their books!!!

Promethean Board at work in the Classroom all week

Dan Nicholas Park Field Trip October 19th

Kids on Mission at HGCS

Our Chapel this week was about how you don't have to wait until you are older to be a missionary. We have many people around us right here in Charlotte that need to know Jesus. We talked about how the students at HGCS have the opportunity to be missionaries while they are at home playing with their neighbors, playing at Chic-Fil-A and showing others what Jesus is all about. Please mark your calendar to be at our next Chapel on October 20th as we hear more about sharing the love of Christ with others. The first graders will also be singing during this service so you don't want to miss it!

Philippians 2:2-11

My prayer for you and your family this week is that you will have an attitude that reflects the mind of Christ in all that you do and say. I pray that by doing this you all will have a personal and deep relationship with Christ. You are a blessing to me and thank you for sharing this journey with me!