Music is For Life

Never Stop Dreaming

What Music Means to Me

I have always immersed myself in music as much as I could. I started singing at the age of three, playing violin in 4th Grade, and cello in the 8th grade. Playing violin, cello, and singing fills me with joy because it allows me to live in other worlds, see impossible sites, and travel the globe all within the touch of a hand or a simple hum. I have received poem awards based on songs that I wrote and have received several performance awards through school. This can be translated into many different careers such as performance, acoustical engineering, therapy and composition.

Adam Lambert Inspires

This singer has such a unique style that closely mirrors my need to be different. My favorite genre of music is Alternative Rock because not a single song sounds similar to any other. They are sung about different things and show the artist's personality better than any other genre. Adam plays off of this. He also has a five octave range, a deep passion for his music, and the most beautiful tone and vibrato. I admire his power behind his voice and his ability to take a simple melody, add nothing to it note-wise, and make it the most phenomenal performance ever. He has toured with Queen as the lead singer, and was runner-up for the eighth season of American Idol.

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Questions I Still Have

How available are these jobs? (number of openings)

How do I know which job best fits my personality and style?

Steps to Enlightenment

1.) Look deeper into the job options that are rooted in music.

2.) Research and find the best factor of those jobs.

3.) Find out if they are worth your time (job availability, pay, and fun-factor)

4.) Look at the degrees required or recommended for those jobs.

5.) look at colleges that offer those degrees.

6.) Recognize any colleges you like? Give them a call or email them and ask them about their programs.