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Brought to Bel Air Middle School by Vicki Boyer

Panther Pride is Evident!

Teachers Toolbox

In Teach Like a Champion, Doug Lemov stresses the value in efficient transitions in the classroom. In addition, transitions are a consideration in the Danielson framework under Domain 2 - Classroom Environment. Component 2c indicates that a distinguished classroom in this area demonstrates transitions that are seamless. It is important to clearly set expectations for efficient transitions to occur and, when necessary, practice those transitions using a timer to track and create improvement. This applies to transitions that include people or materials that are moving from place to place. One example is to pass papers across rows rather than up or back when collecting or distributing materials. This will eliminate the need for students to turn around in chairs, which costs time and creates opportunities for undesirable behavior when backs are turned. As Lemov suggests, "messy transitions are also an invitation to disruptions and conflicts that continue to undercut the classroom environment even after class has started" (2010, p. 154). To see more, you can view the following Edutopia video: which is also posted under the links section of the mentor page on Edline.

March is Month of Change!

March Calendar

March 01: Faculty Meeting

March 03: Parent Conferences

March 07: Superintendent Visit AND PD Monday with Content Specialists

March 15: Department Meetings AND Edline Update

March 24-28: Schools Closed for Spring Break

March 31: Spring Pictures

Spring is the Theme of the Month!

There are so many opportunities to get into spring mode! Both the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and Ladew Gardens begin their spring lecture series this month! Also, Eden Mill is offering a paint night on March 18 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. so you can create your own bird in branches spring painting on canvas. If you are looking for family fun - there is an Easter egg hunt at Applewood Farm on March 13. Also, don't forget the March Bel Air Girl's Night Out for great restaurant and shopping discounts! For these and more fun ideas, check out the Visit Harford link, which is located just below!