The Forgotten Music of Europe

By: Aman Hyrams

Baroque Keyboard Instruments

The organ included multiple keyboards called manuals. The harpsichord had flat stings instead of struck strings. The clavichord had a softer tone then the harpsichord and all three instruments were played in the Baroque opera.
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Advances in instrument making

Since instruments were being asked to complete different sounds to appease the audience changes to the instruments were changed. Changes made to the instruments caused then to still be played in the modern day. Because of the new demand of sound new instruments began to appear.

Compositions written for various instruments

The cantata was originally composed for soloists accompanied by instruments later choral cantatas were composed and were short secular compositions. The sacred cantata was part of the Lutheran church traditions and included orchestras. There were two types of concertos written one was written as a solo concerto and the other was an Italian concerto which later changed as it spread through Europe.
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Purposes of of the music written for the instrument

In the Baroque era music was sometimes composed for courts to entertain aristocrats for dinner as well as music for concerts the chapel and operas. The music played by the middle class was not as dramatic as the music composed for the aristocrats.

Composer who contributed to the instrumental music

Henry Purcell who was a choir boy and a gifted singer as well as a genius composer who came up with trends all throughout Europe. George Handel was most known for his Italian operas and English oratorios and he spent the majority of his time in England. He wrote two types of opera styles Italian opera seria and English ballad opera.
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