Tech Time Newsletter

February 9, 2016

Classroom News

  • Kindergartners will not meet this week.
  • First graders will continue their All About Me booklet.
  • Second graders will explore Google Earth.
  • Third graders will type and take a survey.
  • Fourth graders will explore Google Earth.
  • Fifth graders will publish their Conference Weeblys.

Video Writing Prompts

I'm not sure if I have shared this resource before but here goes again. This is a great place to find short videos with higher level thinking questions. I use these frequently for my readable writing prompts. There are various content videos with all grades represented. Check it out!

Time to Check In On Your New Year's Resolution!

Here's some motivation for you to keep going this week with parties and conferences!
The Ultimate Motivational Clip - Rise & Shine!