Life in the Andes

Ella F. period 4


Life in the Andes is different from how we live here, but people there adapt to it. The Andes cross seven states; Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. There are also four different regions in the Andes. They all have different climates.
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Farming in the Andes

In the four different sections of the Andes, farmer plant different things. In the Tierra Caliente they grow bananas, the Tierra Templada grows coffee, the Tierra Fria grow potatoes, and the Tierra Helada grows mainly shrubs and bushes. In some areas farmers have to use terracing to make flat land. "We grow different crops depending on the climate in our area." Says Farmer Brown.

Basic Needs

People in the Andes dress in warm or cool clothes depending on the climate. People in the Tierra Caliente dress in cool clotes and have very open houses. In the Tierra Helada people dress in warmer clothing and live in houses with thick walls to stay warm. "Here in the Tierra Helada we have to wear warm clothes to not be freezing cold."" says Farmer Cool.


Lots of people in the Andes regions work in mines, or are farmers. In the Andes mountains there is valuable things like gold and silver. There are farmers in all regions of the Andes, and sometimes they use vertical trade. "Lots of people in the Andes work as miners of farmers. Its a common job." says Miner Joe.


People in the Andes Mountains adapt to living there. When they're high up in the mountains its harder for them to breathe too, but they adapt to that. Its different for us, but they get used to it there.
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