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June, 2016

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Welcome Summer!

For many of us summer is a time for rest and renewal; it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. As we say good bye to our current students and the year gone by, we might ask ourselves some of the following questions:

What went well this year?

How will I use my strengths to improve other areas of my teaching practice?

What are the areas where I need support and ideas?

What will I do differently next year?

Below you will find some wonderful summer reading ideas that I hope will inform and inspire during your time of relaxation and reflection. Have a great summer!

The Power of Guidance, Teaching Social-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood Classrooms by Dan Gartrell

The Power of Guidance: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills In the Early Childhood Classroom is a collection of well-received writings on how to use guidance in early childhood classrooms. The material teaches strategies for developing an encouraging classroom and for working with children, particularly boys, who have moderate and serious conflicts. It also presents non-punitive approaches to classroom management. Those who will find the most value in this compilation of material on guidance are practitioners in the field, including Head Start teachers, childcare teachers and preschool and primary grade teachers and assistants.

Powerful Interactions How To Connect with Children to Extend their Learning by Amy Laura Dombro, Judy Jablon, & Charlotte Stetson


It is important to connect with children in positive, powerful and effective ways to extend their learning. Each day we have dozens of interactions with children. Our interactions with children can have a positive impact on how children feel about themselves and about learning or they can undermine children's confidence and take away the joy of exploration and interfere with learning. Interactions should be intentional and individualized. These types of interactions will improve classroom climate as well as improve partnerships with families. In addition your teaching practice will grow richer and more enjoyable. Powerful interactions consist of 3 steps: Be present , connect and extend learning.

Play, How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown, M.D.


"We see the joy of play in children's faces as they swing in a school park. But in our own lives, we tend to think of play as only a guilty pleasure, a distraction from "real" work and responsibilities." Stuart Brown, M.D

The Read-Aloud Handbook (7th edition) by Jim Trelease


Recommended by "Dear Abby" upon its first publication in 1982, millions of parents and educators have turned to Jim Trelease’s beloved classic for more than three decades to help countless children become avid readers through awakening their imaginations and improving their language skills. It has also been a staple in schools of education for new teachers. This updated edition of The Read-Aloud Handbook discusses the benefits, the rewards, and the importance of reading aloud to children of a new generation. Supported by delightful anecdotes as well as the latest research (including the good and bad news on digital learning), The Read-Aloud Handbook offers proven techniques and strategies for helping children discover the pleasures of reading and setting them on the road to becoming lifelong readers.

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I will be available all summer if you would like to contact me!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Summer!