A Book About Cats

By: Eleanor Meginnis


Did you ever want to learn about cats? Well you will learn in this book. We'll be talking about cats fur, cats tails, cats eye colors, cats pupil eye shapes, and different cats. We'll go in that order.

Cats Fur, Cats Tails, Cats Eye Colors, Pupil Eye Shapes, and Different Cats

Cats Fur

There are many fur colors cats can have, we'll start with the plain colors. There is Black Brown, white, yellow, and Grey. Now I'll name off the mixed fur colors. There is Blue Grey, Brown Black, Orange Yellow, white grey, white black, white brown, brown orange, black orange, black yellow, and brown yellow. That's most of the fur colors of cats!

Cats Tails

Cats have many types of tails, here are 2 of them. There is long tails, Bombays have long tails. There are short tails, Japanese bobtails have very short tails. And thats what i'm going to tell you about tails.

Cats Eye Colors

There are many eye colors cats can have. I'll start naming off some plain ones. There is yellow, blue, and green. There is also mixed eye colors. I'll start naming off some mixed eye colors. There is orange yellow, orange red, blue green, yellow red, and yellow green.That's all the eye colors I will tell you.

Pupil Eye Shapes

Cars can have many types of pupil eye shapes, I'll tell you a couple. When cats have slits in there eyes it means they are happy or sleepy. When cats have big wide circles it means they are scared. If you drop something and it makes a really loud sound your cats eyes will get big wide circles. Now you know when your cat if happy, sleepy or scared.

Different Cats

Did you know cats have many relatives? Most of there relatives are big or fast. I'll start naming some of them off. There is lion, tiger, leopard, and cheetah. Now you know some of the cats relatives.


Now you have learned some stuff about cats. Did this book help you or did you already know this stuff?


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