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January 27: Get Organized with Google Keep

Google Keep is a note taking tool that I highly recommend. I use it to create to-do lists since it offers a checklist feature that enables you to check off completed tasks. Google Keep allows you to enter data in many ways. You can enter text, text with voice, photos, or recorded sounds. And, there is a color code option so that you can organize and prioritize your thoughts.

Everything you add syncs across all of your devices, so your thoughts are always with you (there is an app available for phones, tablets, and Chromebooks). The newest version allows you to share notes/lists, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues and students on shared projects.


1. Download the app from the Google Play store (on your device), or visit (for computers).

2. Create a note: Click the "Add note" option and enter your information. You can simply start typing in the text bar, or you can add an image using the camera or mountain icon (they are different depending on if you are using the app or the website).

3. Customize your note: You can title your note, color code your note using the artists paint palette icon, add collaborators using the plus icon, add reminders using the hand icon, and customize the functionality using the 3-dot icon.

Google Keep
Google Keep Tutorial