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What is CSG?

CSG is a one time a week enrichment group. In our group we focus on self reflection and our needs as learners. We also learn skills such as commitment to a task or problem, creative thinking, deductive logic, discussion and explaining our thoughts, and general problem solving.

Multiple Intelligence and Mindset

We have been learning about ourselves, our brains, and how we learn in CSG. We delved into the difference between and fixed and growth mindset. We discussed how we can all do hard things with practice. We then learned about the theory of multiple intelligence. Students determined through an interest survey their personal areas of strength.


Next in CSG we are working on increasing our deductive logic skills. We will be solving mysteries together in a team. We will do this using clues that are given to us, logic matrix puzzles, and other deductive thinking puzzles. The first one is "Mystery at the Mall."

Shannon Hunt

AIG Specialist, Claxton Elementary

Contact me!

Please let me know if you have any questions at any time. I am enjoying getting to know your students. I apologize in the delay for this first newsletter. I am a part time teacher and I have recently returned to the upper grades from a K-2 focus. It has been a hectic start but I feel great about where we are and where we are headed in our group!