special mom paragraph

Have you ever met the specialist woman in the world well if you haven’t i’m going to talk about her right now. First she always feeds me the most important parts of the day breakfast lunch dinner. She always signs me up for sports so that I can always stay active and stay fit. She is always caring and loving for me when i hurt myself and helps me stop crying . She always plays tennis with me and sometimes I hit it over her head on accident. She loves to go places with me like grocery shopping, columbus zoo the heath pool. When i’m sick and have a fever she always gives me chicken noodle soup. My mom would always help me earn stuff like when we went to rule 3 she helped me get a big ball and there was a ticket machine it was 300 tickets and 200 tickets and 100 tickets and we also go bowling and of course there was a bar for the grown ups and if there was a bar there was a place to eat. She always tucks me into bed and when Miley is at my dads she always stays in there with me and when i’m asleep she goes into her bedroom and she goes to sleep and when i’m at my dads my mom does the same thing with Miley except she sleeps in my bed and then switches with her bed.

moms are the best

what my mom likes

she likes green

she likes clear water when we go to the beach

she likes to tanning when we go to the beach

she likes to build sand castle