Carrie Fisher's Hard Fought Battle

Personal History of Her Drug Use and Bipolar Disorder

Carrie's Battle With Drugs and Alcohol

At a young age, the gifted actress began to feel very long feelings of mania and depression. She was not too sure how to make it go away, so instead of receiving help she began to cope by drinking and abusing pills. After the long battle, Fisher decided it was time to get help and go to rehab. At the young age of 29, Fisher had accepted the fact that she had a bipolar disorder. She says she was diagnosed at 24 but could only accept the truth when going through rehab.

Fisher's Way of Coping

Carrie Fisher had a very healthy and unique way of coping with her addictions and Bipolar disorder, she uses writing and tries to change social view on mental illnesses. She said she often feels long periods of depression and when she begins feel them she writes. She's written one book about her battles.
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