Jim Starks

Dylan Gumz

Jim's Traits

One of Jim's is that he is very honorable. We can tell that he is honorable because he told Buzz that he would go to the chickie run. Jim was always a man of his word. Another one of his traits is being a man. He wants his dad to be a role model he wants him to act like a man so that's why Jim acts like a man because his dad never does.

Family Problems

Jim's family problems aren't as bad as Plato's. Jim's mom and dad fight a lot. Jim even says to his parents that they were tearing him apart. Another family problem that Jim has is he dad isn't acting like a man and being a good role model to jim


Throughout the movie Jim Starks matured. In the beginning he let people calling him chicken get to him like when Buzz wanted to have a knife fight with him and he tried saying no but ended up fighting him anyways. I feel like when Plato went crazy was the turning point for Jim when he felt like he should be there for Plato and help take care of him

The Planetarium/knife fight

When Jim's class went to the planetarium Buzz made a noise to make people laugh so Jim tried doing the same by making the cow noise. Jim did that to try and fit in but it ended up backfiring and after the field trip Buzz and his friends were trying to get Jim to fight them and Jim tried being the bigger man but ended up giving in and fighting Buzz


I think a major theme is a bad father child relationship. Jim has a bad relationship with his dad because he just wants him to be a good role model and act like a man but he never does until the end of the movie. Plato has a bad relationship with his dad because he isn't around for him. he sends him a child support check but doesn't give him a note or say anything with it. Judy wants her dad to show affection for her but he says that she is to old for that

question from discussion

My question was did Jim do the right thing going to the police after Buzz died? I would say that it was the right idea to go to the police to let them know what happened but when he arrived at the police station no one gave him the time to explain what happened. Some of Buzz's friends were at the police station and they thought he was going to lie so he wouldn't get into trouble and that is part of the reason that Plato died is because he kind of went crazy after Jim and Judy left him.