What's Your Type? ( ISTJ)

By: Te'Nailynn Wilcox

Sentences that describe people with your personality type (ISTJ)

  • Tends to be serious & quite at times.
  • Faithful & Loyal to what they tend to care about the most.
  • well organized & hard working, works very hard toward their goals.

Does the personality type describe you? Why or why not?

Yes; Because it says that we are faithful & loyal to things we tend to care the most about. Well me i'm the type of person to care about everything, until someone makes me mad. I'm not always serious & quite but when i am it usually because someone has made me mad or the situation calls fro me to be serious & quite. I'm very well organized because i am OCD for one thing & i feel everything has a place. I work hard towards my goal to better my future, because to me sports isn't life and the streets is most definitely not the place for me so I'll be in class at SSU soon.

Common Traits

  • Good Citizen
  • Get more & more work piled on them because of the hard work they do
  • Naturally in tune with their feelings and others that surround the also.