When I say OH you say IO!

Written by: Reagen McCartney

What is this school like?

This prestigious school has so much to offer and is a very good choice for further continuing your schooling. The enrollment each year is always around 44,741 students each year! Students must have around a 4.10 GPA, good attendance, and high scores on their ACT and SAT. The school is public and does offer dorms for all students, and the school is surrounded by a large city so the students are easily able to access anything that they may need. Tuition is around $10,037 a year. This school also offers an abundance of courses and majors that you can take to get your right education for your future!

Extracurricular activities?!

This school is famous for their football games! Everyone is talking about the amazing players on the football field, and the marching band! The school offers so many extra activities for students to do that nobody can be left out! This school will stick together through everything and cheer everybody on as they receive their degrees and get closer to graduating. Even the basketball team gets hundreds coming to support! All students are here at this school to gain more knowledge and to help each other along the way.
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Ohio State Marching Band "Disney Tribute" Halftime vs Buffalo: Aug. 31, 2013
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Some fun facts about OSU

~The Ohio State Marching Band has been a great showing of Buckeye pride throughout the years. Their spectacular half-time performances have made national headlines, while their viral videos have gotten a ton of hits and views.

~“Buckeye Battle Cry” became the fight song for OSU in 1919 and has been a traditional song ever since. The song is sung during Script Ohio while the “I” is being dotted.

~Every year since 1913, senior football players would line up to tackle the blocking sled in the last practice prior to their game against Michigan.This has been a ceremonial event that was once public, but has now gone private.

Student Life on campus

Students are offered to stay on campus and they can choose to or not to but to stay in a dorm it is $3,938 per semester. Students will go to classes and be in and out all the time, students have said that they enjoy life on campus. Don't forget every Saturday its Football Night!