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November 20, 2018

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Upcoming Events

-November 21-23 NO SCHOOL. Happy Thanksgiving!

-November 29 & 30- Holiday Craft Day. See info below for volunteer opportunities!

-Monday, Dec 3 (week of)- 5th & 6th grade Girls Basketball Conference Tournament

Holiday Craft Day

Still many volunteer slots available! Please sign-up to help in your child's classroom next week.

The Holidays are fast approaching and that means so is our school Holiday Craft Day. The 4K-5th grade students will be making an ornament and Holiday card this year. The ornament will be displayed on the school tree for the Holiday concert and then sent home. The Holiday card will be given to senior citizens in Washington County that receive home delivered meals. Each classroom requires 2-3 volunteers to assist the students in making the ornaments and cards.

Use this link to signup for a classroom to assist. This year the date/time can vary by classroom so pay careful attention to the date/time you signup for.

Read-A-Thon ENDED PLEASE turn in forms to school office by Wed, Nov 28th!

School Closing Information

School Closing - Please read the attached letter. We will be using our SkyAlert System to notify all of our families of any school closings, you should have received a test broadcast earlier this week. You will be receiving this information via text, email, and a phone call based on the information we have for your family in the Skyward.


With the weather getting colder we are seeing students not dressed for the weather. Please note per policy: students are expected to go outside during normal school hours, except in inclement weather, defined as rain, heavy snow, a strong cold wind or a temperature below +5 degrees F, or if the wind chill factor goes below 0 degrees F. Children will remain indoors during lunch and recess periods on such days. If dressed appropriately, a student healthy enough to be in school should be able to go out for fresh air and exercise. After a prolonged illness with a doctor’s request we will excuse a child from recess. Students in 4K-3rd grade must wear snow pants, boots, jacket, mittens, and a hat if they want to play in the snow. Students who do not have the proper clothing will be asked to remain on the blacktop so they do not spend the remainder of their school day in wet clothing. Students in 4th – 8th grade are encouraged to dress for the snow but if they choose not to, and get wet, they may end up wearing damp clothes for the afternoon.

Lost and Found

There are a TON of items in the Lost and Found! Please stop before/after school hours to check or have your child check!


Erin School Alumni Announces: Fourth Annual Musical Production Disney's Freaky Friday!!

Please see attached Flyers for all the details.

Raising Caring Kids

Raising Caring Kids: Changing the Way You Look at the World

Perspective taking requires you to put yourself in another person’s position and imagine what you would feel, think, or do if you were in that situation. Perspective taking helps children to be more successful as adults because they are better able to deal with other people. Seeing and understanding the world from someone else’s point of view is an important life skill you can teach children to build healthy and satisfying relationships. Explore more about perspective taking.

Holiday Shopping? Purchase your gift cards here!

SCRIP Program-Do you purchase gift cards? Consider buying them thru our SCRIP program and help raise money for our school. Click here for more details.

Purchase Goeman’s BP gift cards from Erin School!

The PTC has partnered with Goeman’s BP to sell BP Gift Cards again. For a ONCE A YEAR December Sale the PTC earns 16% of the proceeds! The gift cards can only be redeemed at Goeman’s RapidMarts in Erin and Hartford (including Uncle Larry’s Car Wash) and can be used to purchase anything they sell (gas, food, beverages, etc). These gift cards never expire and are available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. For those of us that frequent Goeman’s BP on a regular basis, this is an easy way to help the school. Besides ordering gift cards for your own use, consider buying them as holiday gifts and taking orders from neighbors and friends. Place your orders by filling out this form and returning it along with checks made out to “Erin School PTC.” Turn the order form and checks into the Erin School front office by Monday, Dec. 10. Gift cards will be ready for pick up in the office by Monday, Dec. 17.

Click here for more details!

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, April 13th FUN FAIR

Check This Out!

-The Impossible Project. Suicide Prevention Presentation at HUHS.

-Community Thanksgiving Dinner. See Flyer.

-Divine Savior Thanksgiving Dinner. See Flyer.

-HUHS Youth Gymnastics Clinic. See Flyer.

-Hartford Rec Center: Middle School Hoops

-Hartford Rec Center: After School Program

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