Remembering the Wright Brothers

featuring "The first assembly line for cars."

First in flight

The first flight occurred in 1913. Thier aircraft flew in Kill Devil Hills, near Kitty Hawk N.C.

The people who created the aircraft were Wilbur and Orville Wright. Why did they build the aircraft you ask? Some people say it was an accident. Others say it was for fun. The real reason was because many others had tried, but all had failed. They lived in Ohio. The Wright brothers built thier aircraft in a bicycle shop they owned. They used most of the parts they owned, but some they had to buy from other stores. Only a couple years later, they created the first planes for war. Below are some of the very many old war planes.

The first assembly line for cars

making cars cheaper

The first cars were built around the 1900's. There were very few, but there were still cars. They were very expensive because they were hard to make. One day, Henry Ford was looking for a way to make cars cheaper. Then one day he visited a pig slauter building. He noticed they were using an assembly line to make their work faster. Once he got back to his factory, he started his work on building his assembly line for cars. This was big news for car owners. The big production caused the government to build more roads and highways. Now, more people can afford cars.

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