The Digestive System

By: Hannah Doran

The Introduction

I'm going to talk about the digestive system. Do you ever wonder how it works?. Well i am going to tell you about it.

The Digestive System

The digestive system breaks down food. So when you "do your business" it won't come out like what you ate. Your digestive system makes nutrients to.

The Way Your Body Works

The way your body works is that your food goes through your body to make it work. It gives us energy so our body can work. It breaks down food.

The Main Organs

These main organs start with your mouth then your salivary glands then it goes down your esophagus then your stomach then liver and then small intestine then large intestine and last but not least your anus.
That is how your digestive system works. You know that you can learn a lot about the digestive system. You need to learn about this cause there is a lot of facts take a look then you will like it.
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