Olden games

The better ones


A lot of the games played back then were played outside, they sound really cool and fun when I read them and what you did. Back in the 1950-60s most kids didn't have a tv to play video games and there weren't very many video games in the first place. They had to be creative and figure something out to do on their free time, they couldn't sit inside and play video games all day and anyways I don't even like video games I think there stupid and wast precious time to explore. Kids back then loved to go outside and play with there friends and play outside.


The game ring around the Rosie is still played today, it's still played the same because it's still played as a nursery rhyme for little kids, it's fun for the little kids and it entertains them but they don't know what it's really means and it should not be a nursery rhyme and game for little kids, but they love it until they find out what it really means. The Black Death or Bubonic Plague back then is like Ebola now because the Bubonic Plague was the most deadliest disease in the world and know it's Ebola that's the most deadliest disease.


Today most people when they are playing a game are playing video games, others are playing outside with friends. Back then all people could do when they played games was going outside gathering up some friends and PLAY OUTSIDE. The biggest difference I can say about games back then and games today is that most people don't see that playing outside is fun.