(Roman name Diana)

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Goddess of Hunt and the Moon

Character Traits

  • Being known as the goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt, she is also known as the god of chastity.
  • She's Protecting but only mainly towards animals of the wild.
  • She's also a born caretaker. Directly after being born she also helped her mother give birth to her Twin Brother Apollo.

Family Tree and Relationships

  • Daughter of Leto and Zeus.
  • Twin sister of Apollo.


  • Wise, using her wisdom during any battle and during any conflict.
  • Deceitful, once tricking two giants into killing each other.
  • Caring, she is also known as a goddess of women and children, she cares after women and young female children.


  • Too agile, in one of the myths she's in she has a hunting companion who she falls in love with and accidentally shoots him.
  • Easily Flustered, When Niobe says she is a better care taker than artemis's mother leto is, artemis kills Niobe's 7 children.


Some of Artemis's symbols are

  • bow and arrow

  • Deer

  • Moon

Interesting Facts

  • Has the ability to turn into a Deer
  • Has a sanctuary near Lake Nemi and in Campania

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