A'Lexus DuBose

What Are Minerals ?

Minerals are nutrients that the body needs to funtion properly. they boost your immune system and promote a normal growth period and a healthy life minerals become apart of your bodys struture and regulates your heartbeat your blood sugar,and all of your body processes

What Do Minerals Do For The Body ?

Minerals can help steer you away from anemia , brittle bones , and Pica.


There are minerals in fruits , such as blackberries , grapefruits, oranges, and pomegrantes


when the body doesnt recieve enough minerals your bones become brittle , your body has more calcium than any other mineral . this could also effect your oral health and minerals are a big key dealing with your immune system

fun facts

  1. minerals link your body to the earth
  2. Minerals can reduce Pica
  3. Not all minerals are needed for your body


M is for mangos

I is for iodine

N is for nuts

E is for education in minerals

R is for Roast Duck

A is for avocado

L is for Lima beans

S is for soy beans