December 21st - 25th

This week at Icahn 4

Important information

Safety Protocols:

  • ID badges must be worn in the building at all times
  • doors should be locked and keep your room keys on you at all times
  • Please review the safety procedures and look over your evacuation plans


  • Please be on time picking up your students from breakfast (8:25) & lunch (12:30). K-4 drops off at the cafeteria and picks up in the yard; 5-8 drops off in the yard and picks up from the cafeteria.
  • Please make sure that all teachers are receiving their full prep period (all teachers need to be on time leaving their classrooms for their prep and return on time. Please remember that failure to do so affects your colleagues).

Professional Development:

  • At the end of every workshop please complete the Workshop Questionnaire Form
  • Three weeks after each PD, please fill out the Follow Up Workshop Questionnaire Form
  • Fill out the inter-visitation form while at your host school

Senior Ambassador Schedule

Please inform the office if Senior Ambassadors do not fulfill their duties on the day they are assigned to your class.

Specials Schedule C (December 22nd - February 5th)

Please make sure to follow the gym, library & computer lab schedule!

Buddy Teachers

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Continue working with your buddy teacher to share best practices during your mutual prep period on Mondays:

King / Taylor (1st period)

Xenos / Magiraga (2nd period)

Rapp / Laricchia (3rd period)

Shepherd / Courman (4th period)

Pagan / Green (7th period)

Arvonio / Davis (8th period)

Betances / Mejia / Guttman / Lestin & Wilson (5th period)

Kindergarten teachers: since your prep period doesn't change throughout the year, feel free to buddy up with teachers who have the same prep period.

* Please meet your buddy teacher(s) in the conference room on Monday!

Monday, December 21st

Buddy teachers:

  • Staff Lounge (Please sign in with Ms. Daisy)

Xposure specials & after school

  • 9th period 2:55 - 3:45
  • After school 4:00 - 6:00

Educate LLC (every Monday):

  • Juan & Emily

TUESDAY, December 22nd

Common Planning:

  • Grades K - 2

Lehman Math Project (every Tuesday):

Ms. Ingerman K - 4 / Ms. Whitford 5 - 8

NYS ELA & Math Preparation Program Grades 3-8:

  • Cancelled

Xposure specials & after school:

  • 9th period 2:55 - 3:45
  • After school (cancelled)

Staff Christmas Party:

WEDNESDAY, December 23rd

Half Day:

  • 12pm dismissial

Secret Santa Gift Exchange (conference room)

  • 12:15

Thursday, December 24th

Christmas Eve
  • Mid-Winter Recess / School Closed

Friday, December 25th

Christmas Day
  • Mid-Winter Recess / School Closed

To My Wonderful Staff,

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas Icahn 4 Family

Upcoming Weeks:

December 24th - January 3rd

Mid- Winter Recess: School Closed

School resumes Monday, January 4th

January 4th - January 8th (Week B):

Monday: 1/4: Buddy teachers (Conference Room)

Tuesday: 1/5: Formal Observations: TBD / Common Planning K-2

Wednesday: 1/6: LATI Classroom Day 6 (Cohort Teachers) Common Planning 3-5

Thursday: 1/7: Formal observations: TBD / Common Planning 6-8

Friday: 1/8: Formal Observations: TBD

Saturday: 1/9: Formal Observations: TBD

January 11th - January 16th (Week A):

Monday: 1/11: Formal Observations: TBD / Buddy teachers (Conference Room)

Tuesday: 1/12: Formal Observations: TBD / Common Planning K-2

Wednesday: 1/13: Formal Observations: TBD / Common Planning K-2 / Teaching Matters: Mr. DeLa Cruz (3-8)

Thursday: 1/14: Smile NY Mobile Dentist / Formal Observations: TBD / Common Planning 6-8 / Early Reading Matters: Ms. Willams (K-2)

Friday: 1/15: Formal Observations: TBD

Saturday: 1/16: Formal Observations: TBD

Icahn Charter School 4

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