by: Hannah Luna


The U.S.A is way more density populated than Canada by well over 200,000,000 people. Canada has 8.3 people for every square mile while The United Sates has 80 people for every square mile. Canada's government system is different than ours, they have the Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy while we have Federal presidential constitutional republic. America spends over $663 billion dollars on military expenses and Canada only spends $18 billion.


Canada was originally owned by the France so over 75% of the populations ethnic group is White/European while the U.S.A. is very diverse in ethnicities. Languages in Canada vary between English and French, the Unites States has no official languages spoken. The main religions in Canada are 73.6% Christianity, 20.5% non-Religious or unstated, 2% Islam,1.1% Sikhism, 1.1% Judaism, 1% Buddhism, 1% Hinduism and America's religions include 78.4% Christianity, 16.1% non-Religious, 1.7% Judaism, 1.2% Other, 0.7% Buddhism, 0.6% Islam, 0.4% Hinduism.


The Canadian capital is Ottawa, Ontario; the American capital is Washington, D.C. Capitals aren't the same as the largest city in the countries which are Toronto – 2,503,281 (Canada) and New York City – 8,363,710 (U.S.A.).