Summer Camp

June 2018

The First Week of Camp (Bugging out) went very well!

Just a few reminders:

  • Dress children in swim suits every morning with sunscreen applied
  • You can send in a towel on Monday and we will keep here for the week to use. You may also send in 5 outfits for the week if you wish and we can change them after water play. If you would rather just send in clothes each day that is fine too. Don't forget the underwear :)
  • Next week is The Secret Life of Pets week. On WEDNESDAY you may send in a picture of your pet and the children can bring in a stuffed animal which we will groom and take care of for the day. We may also have a kitten and a bunny visit. Please let us know of any pet allergies. We will be washing hands if touching any real animals right after.