Forms of energy!

By Marnie Collie

Kinetic Energy

The energy created by movement.

E.g. Running or skiing

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Skiing with lights.

Gravitational Potential Energy

The energy stored in an object when it's above the ground.

E.g. Plane flying or water slide

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Sound Energy

Sound energy is produced by vibration sound waves.

E.g. Radio or voice

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Heat Energy

The result of the movement of tiny particles in solids, liquids or gases.

E.g. Fire or sun

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Nuclear Energy

The energy released during nuclear fusion, especially when used to generate electricity.

E.g. Battery or power plant

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Light Energy

Light energy is defined by how nature moves at an extreme rapid movements and creates light.

E.g. Sun or torch

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Electrical Energy

Energy made available by the flow of an electric charge.

E.g. Solar cells or lightning

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Lightning Strikes Edison

Chemical Energy

The energy that is stored in substances and can be created or released in a chemical reaction.

E.g. Sparkler or food

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Elastic Potential Energy

Energy that is stored in a stretched or sqished spring.

E.g. Rubber band or slinky

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Slinky On Treadmill 1a