Burrolibrary Weekly Update

Your guide for all things Hillsboro High School Library!

Library This Week!

Monday: Tech Center Set-Up (details below) Lunch: CASA (Priester)

Tuesday: Claassen at Middle School Visit/ Lunch Knitting Club/Overtime Afterschool

Wednesday: Claassen at Middle School Visit

Thursday: Tech Center Set-Up (details below)/ Lunch Anime Club /Overtime Afterschool

Friday: Tech Center Set-Up (details below)/ Lunch Battle of the Books Club

Burrolibrary Tech Center Opening Soon!

The library tech help has moved into the old Credit Union by the Burro Brew. In the very near future, all student laptops issues, tech issues, and printing help will be serviced out of this area. We have a new Tech Clerk that is hired. You may have noticed Mrs. Claassen starting to set it up and we will be training the new tech clerk this week. For now, you can drop off all tech issues to the circulation desk until we are ready .

Future Library Workers of Hillsboro!

Do you need volunteer hours? We are looking for library volunteers! As we get the classroom libraries cataloged, we are looking for students who need volunteer hours! Please fill out this form and check off Library Worker and I will send you the application for volunteering in the library.

All Things Burrolibrary Form!

New Books!

We added about 500 new books to the library in January! Check out the catalog and place books on hold or come by and see the new books for yourself!


Laptop Updates

Laptop sluggish or Internet not working? You may need updates. You can avoid this by keeping your laptop on, on the Internet, and plugged in overnight. MNPS runs updates at night so laptops are not disrupted during school. You can push laptop through by following the steps below.

  1. Bottom left corner type "Check Updates"
  2. Then Select "Check Updates"
  3. Allow updates to be checked and then check back for "Update & Restart"
  4. You can also Select "Check for Updates Online" to pull more Microsoft Updates.

Click on Image below to get a better picture.

Reset Your Own Password!

MNPS has a new system for generating new generic passwords. If you are getting alerts that your password is about to expire, you can reset it yourself and create a password that you can remember! On your MNPS Device, select CTRL + ALT + DELETE at the same time to pull up the "Change a Password" function on your laptop.

Password Requirements

  • Must have 8 characters
  • Must have at least one number
  • Must have at least one special character
  • Must have at least one Capital letter

If you still need help, ask a teacher or come by the library!

Anime/Manga Club

Interested in joining this club? Fill out this interest survey!
Anime & Manga Club Survey (google.com)

Book Request

Do you know of a book that the library needs?

A series?

Manga Series?


Please let me know and I will work it into my book orders!


Register to Vote!

Are you 18? You can make a difference on National & State legislation as it pertains to protecting freedom of speech and access to materials. You might not be able to vote in this election, but make sure you are ready for the next by registering ASAP. For more help with registering to vote, stop by the library.


What is everyone reading?!?!

Here are the top two list of books being read in MNPS High Schools. We have the BOB: Battle of the Books list that are current YA (young adult) titles that students across the district are reading. We have multiple copies available as E-Books, Print Books, & Audio Books. We also have VSBA: Volunteer State Book Awards list that are current YA (young adult) titles that students across the STATE are reading. This group of books will have a vote on Tennessee's favorite book in March! We hope you read enough to vote! We have multiple copies available as E-Books, Print Books, & Audio Books.
Big picture
Big picture

Test & Subject Guides Are Available at Burrolibrary

We have a Cart of Test Preps & Study Guides for just about everything. Come by the library to ask what helps you need and we will see what we can find!

Online Test & Subject Preps Available for Free through Peterson's Test & Career Prep! Directions are available here.

Lost & Found Laptops!!!!

If you ever see a laptop laying around, please drop off at the library!

Currently the lost & found laptop stack is growing. If you are ever missing yours, please stop by and check to see if it was turned in.

Big picture

Follow @Burrolibrary on Instagram to stay on top of all library updates!


In other words, if your MNPS computer breaks, you will not lose all of your school work as long as your work was saved to OneDrive.

Burrolibrary Lunch Block

Big picture

Password Resets

My Password has expired:

Password resets out of school can happen by calling: (615) 269-5956. Teachers can only do password resets in person during school.

The Technology Assistance Center is available for all students and staff between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Technicians can assist with password resets, accessing content, device issues and support.

To speak to a tech support representative call (615) 269-5956.

Technical Support - Metro Nashville Public Schools Technology (mnps.org)

Troubleshooting Laptop Issues

  • Most likely you tried to login without the laptop being connected to the WIFI first
  • The fix is to restart the computer by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and then letting it power back on.
  • Wait a few seconds for the WIFI symbol in the bottom right corner to light up and then it is ready.


  • Sometimes there are updates that need to happen
  • In bottom left corner type "Updates" in the search box on the windows screen
  • Select "Check for Updates" and follow through the prompts
  • If it starts downloading updates, then you will probably be prompt to restart the laptop. Wait for that prompt and it should fix any issues.


  • Is it Flickering, Is it Slow? Then you need to restart your computer for updates.

When all else fails...get a hall pass and come to the library.


This is a District decision and not a Mrs. Claassen issue. Due to safety and security with MNPS Technology and Access, MNPS has blocked CHROME on all MNPS student devices.


  • The district has pushed updates out through the EDGE browser so that you can upload your assignments in Schoology using your EDGE browser.
  • Follow directions above about Checking for UPDATES.

All things Hillsboro Books!

Interested in

  • Book Club
  • Project Lit
  • Battle of the Books
  • Anime/Manga

CLICK THIS LINK to sign up for information here! Must use school email for this form to work.

Knitting Club

Knitting Club is a lunch time option for all levels of knitters!
  • Want to learn?
  • Already know how to knit!
  • Need Knitting Supplies?

Well this is the club for you!

Sign up HERE to get updates on when we will be meeting during lunch!

Lacrosse Club

Sign up to get information about Lacrosse Club meetings and Lacrosse opportunities to play for both Boys & Girls Lacrosse!

Click here for more information!

Crossword Club

This is a lunch club gathering with other crossword enthusiast!

Sign up here to know when we will start meeting!


Laptops & Chargers


Effective Immediately, We have no free chargers. We have no chargers to borrow. If you have lost your charger, replacement fee will be $15.


We will have no laptop loaners available for forgotten laptops. These will be reserved for students having repairs on laptops.

If your laptop is not working and you left it at home, you will need to bring it in for repair to be able to borrow one while it is repaired. If it is lost, we need to know and fill the paperwork out to repair it.

If technology is deemed intentional misuse by administration, there will be fees charged for repair as outlined by MNPS Technology Services. Fees will be charged on your account and payment collected through OSP. Link is here

  • Total Replacement of Device: $200
  • LCD Screen Replacement: $ 40
  • Keyboard Replacement: $17
  • Laptop Charger: $15

OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog

This is where you can search for what books you have access to! As an MNPS student, you have access to all books available through Nashville Public Libraries through the Limitless Libraries program! Remember that you can search for what books are in the Hillsboro Library by going to www.burrolibrary.com and clicking on the Limitless Libraries Logo. It will tell you if we have it or if Nashville Public Library has it. Watch the video below to see how you can even search on your phone!