Burrolibrary Weekly Update

Your guide for all things Hillsboro High School Library!

Welcome Back to School!

College Visits Start this Friday!

The visits are coming!

There will be 3 ways to visit with College & Career Reps!

1. Virtually through Teams link from wherever you are. (opportunity where parents can watch)

2. In-Person visits in the library during PLT.

3. Lunch Visits! Reps will have a table set up outside of cafeteria for students to visit and ask questions.

Please join the Remind Group and join the Hillsboro Library Schoology page to see visits from last year's college Reps! Within each folder you can find important documents, contacts, & video from the recruiter on over 30 schools that visited.

College Career Link is always on www.burrolibrary.com !


Ms. Claassen & Ms. Hutchinson's birthday is this month and all we want more than anything is to check out more books to students & teachers!!!! Please help us celebrate our birthday by checking out all the books you need or want to be awesome at Hillsboro!!!

We have party treats for everyone who comes by and checks out books!!!!

Library Fines or Fees from Missing books?

This is your chances for Fees to Fall off your account. This is for students & adults. Directions below, and reading logs can be found at the library!
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Writing Contest!!! Win Amazon Cash Money!!!

Nashville Public Library is presenting a WRITING CONTEST for Juniors and Seniors in high school. Here is a link to the promotional flyer in both B&W and Color.

The Grand Prize winners (one Junior, one Senior) get $300 Amazon Gift Cards and the opportunity to meet Colson Whitehead! The runner-up prizes are $200 and $100 Amazon gift cards and signed copies of his latest book published this month, Harlem Shuffle.

The deadline is Friday, October 8th, so spread the word to your writers today!

Need to come to the library?

You will need a Hall Pass filled out by a teacher to enter. When you enter in you will need to scan the QR code to check-in. If you do not have a phone to scan the QR code, someone at the circulation desk will check you in correctly.

As a reminder you need a hall pass to be in the library at any point of the school day, even during lunch.

Thank you!

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Do you have this book????

Remember that you can search for what books are in the Hillsboro Library by going to www.burrolibrary.com . It will tell you if we have it or if Nashville Public Library has it. Watch the video below to see how you can even search on your phone!
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Hillsboro Overtime

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:20-4:20 In the Library

Battle of the Books

February of every year, MNPS High School teams compete at Battle of the Books! Last year our team brought home the 2nd place trophy after a tie breaker with Hume Fogg! Below is an award winning list of new popular YA books that will be studied and quizzed over for the next few months. Start reading these titles today if you are interested in joining or supporting the team. For more information, please email averyr21174@mnpsk12.org or check in with Claassen or Hutchinson in the library or the infamous "Roll Tide & Read More Books" Ms. Seiss!
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Laptop Lost & Found Procedure

When laptops go missing in the building....

1st off, try to avoid that by never leaving it behind. To avoid confusion on whose laptop is whose, place an identifiable sticker on your laptop that helps identify your laptop. Good news, if you check out books in the library, we typically have an assortment of fun stickers.

Worst case scenario, you lose your laptop in the building, your teacher will not hold it but will turn it into the library. We will scan the barcode on the back to see who it is checked out to, then we will lock up the laptop and add your name to the Laptop List that teachers have access to. So you can simple stop by the library if your laptop is lost in the building or check in with a teacher to see if your name is on the list.

If you find a laptop, please return to the library! We will have a treat for you for being so sweet and returning a laptop!!!

Laptop & WIFI Issues

Thank you all for your patience with the Laptop team as we battle new issues daily.

The current issues are perfectly good laptops getting knocked off the WIFI. This looks to be a certificate issue and instructions about that are found below on whether the student needs to fill out the form for "WIFI Issues" and to be sent down. At the beginning we were not checking for certificates and only helping laptops get School WIFI. So we are getting some laptops back that we had just sent out thinking they would be good to go. Below is a guide to help with students and their laptops.

There is another level of complication that involves laptops that were assigned before we started using "Microsoft Intune". If you receive a pop-up to sign into Microsoft In-Tune on your MNPS Device, this is suggested to do.

The most important thing for Students bring your laptops daily even if it is not working. We can't help you with your laptop if you leave it at home.

ALSO, PLEASE! Do not share devices with other students. This is directions from the upper IT people who say that this causes various issues for the assigned user when you try to log back in.

I hope to return to regular library schedule ASAP, but I can't do that until we have a larger majority of students on working MNPS devices.

Follow this guide to see if you need to get your device ready for a Swap or helped at the library.

A device is good:

  • If from the MyMNPS folder you click "Check Device certificates," and it says "The Required Certificate ARE PRESENT on this device" ... If not they keep getting knocked off WIFI seems to be the experience.
  • If the MyMNPS Folder has (Check Devices & Forget Password)
  • If it has the NWEA app in the Windows Bar on bottom left.
  • Company Portal

A device needs to be swap:

  • It has Global Protect
  • If from the MyMNPS folder you click "Check Device certificates," and it says "The Required Certificate ARE NOT PRESENT on this device"
  • Or if it doesn't load NWEA.