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Clubs & Afterschool in the Library this Week!

Monday: Lacrosse

Tuesday: Overtime & Knitting Club

Wednesday:Lacrosse (weightroom) & YIG

Thursday: Overtime & Crossword Puzzle Club

Friday: Nothing... go home or go to the Green Hills Library!

Minecraft Opportunity

Need Help With this? Fill out form!

District-wide Build Challenge

The Learning Technology and Library Services team is excited to announce our first district-wide build challenge. Please see the information below regarding the challenge requirements. We encourage both teachers and students to participate in this opportunity. If you have additional questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact carrie.whittaker@mnps.org, Jason.bihler@mnps.org, or brittny.bozeman@mnps.org.

Submissions Due: Feb. 28

We look forward to seeing your submissions. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @MNPSLearningTec, @Minecraft_MNPS, #mnpsminecraft.

MNPS Landmark Build Challenge 2022

Driving Question: How can I create a model of a local or state landmark that is important to me?

A landmark is an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location (example: The Parthenon in Centennial Park).

Work individually or in a group to research a local/state (TN) landmark. Visit Community Landmarks Build Challenge for more info. You may use any Minecraft world to build in, but your submission must include:

- a tour & explanation of your landmark.

- a plaque (in your world) detailing the purpose & history of the landmark.

- an explanation for why you chose the landmark.


All Submissions are due by 11:59pm February 28, 2022 on Flipgrid.

Tutorial: How to Use Flipgrid as the Assessment Tool in Minecraft Education Edition.

How to access Build Challenge Flipgrid to submit your work:

  • Open https://flipgrid.com/2382880f
  • Click on Join with Microsoft>work or school account>enter MNPS password. Follow additional steps if needed.
  • Note: Use your MNPS email and password to login with Microsoft.
  • Start submission by clicking "Add Response" button. (5 minute time limit)

(Videos are moderated)

Laptop Issues?

If you are having any issues with laptops:

  • Broken (Drop off at library)
  • Not Connecting to WIFI (Drop off at the library)
  • Lost?
  • Never got one?

Then fill this form out! Laptop Help Request Form

Best Library in MNPS!!!

Well I think so, but like any over competitive librarian I like to dominate all charts!

Currently our December Check-Outs were in the top six out of HIgh Schools. But we haven't even made the chart with MackinVia.

Follow directions below on how to help get Hillsboro make the top ten list for MackinVia!

Don't forget to get a hall pass to the library, even during lunch!

Big picture


If you have an MNPS laptop with Global Protect, your device is no longer supported here! Please bring back to the library so we can swap you out with a new device!

How do I know if it has Global Protect? This icon or box shows up on your laptop(Pictured in this article). Or if your mnpsk12.org-schools WIFI is not working at school.

Teachers & Staff, your MNPS devices will still have global protect on them for now. Only student devices need to be swapped out.


In other words, if your MNPS computer breaks, you will not lose all of your school work as long as your work was saved to OneDrive.

Lacrosse Club Interest!

Interested in learning more about Lacrosse at Hillsboro or joining the team? Complete form HERE ! This is open to Girls & Boys at Hillsboro!

Crossword Club Interest

Interested in doing all things Crossword? Sign up HERE to getting updates on this developing club in the library.
Mac Lab Help @Burrolibrary

Need to come to the library?

You will need a Hall Pass filled out by a teacher to enter. When you enter in you will need to scan the QR code to check-in. If you do not have a phone to scan the QR code, someone at the circulation desk will check you in correctly.

As a reminder you need a hall pass to be in the library at any point of the school day, even during lunch.

Thank you!

Big picture
Big picture

Do you have this book????

Remember that you can search for what books are in the Hillsboro Library by going to www.burrolibrary.com . It will tell you if we have it or if Nashville Public Library has it. Watch the video below to see how you can even search on your phone!
Big picture
Hillsboro Overtime

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:20-4:20 In the Library

Laptop Lost & Found Procedure

When laptops go missing in the building....

1st off, try to avoid that by never leaving it behind. To avoid confusion on whose laptop is whose, place an identifiable sticker on your laptop that helps identify your laptop. Good news, if you check out books in the library, we typically have an assortment of fun stickers.

Worst case scenario, you lose your laptop in the building, your teacher will not hold it but will turn it into the library. We will scan the barcode on the back to see who it is checked out to, then we will lock up the laptop and add your name to the Laptop List that teachers have access to. So you can simple stop by the library if your laptop is lost in the building or check in with a teacher to see if your name is on the list.

If you find a laptop, please return to the library! We will have a treat for you for being so sweet and returning a laptop!!!