Academic Honesty


Why is Academic Honesty Important?

Being Academically Honest is a very important feature for intermediate students in Elementary School. Being honest in grade 7 and 8 is important because the grades you get will be setting you up for the next step in your life, High School! So if you're somebody who cheats on a test, you should stop that. Doing you OWN work will make teacher's see your strong points and parts that you might need help with. How ever if your your taking other people's answers and the teachers don't know, then they will think that it's your own work and will think that your up's and down's are actually other peoples. Also you will not be learning to the best of your abilities. Also if you are taking your answers off the internet then you should stop that as well. Unless you're stating where you got it from, then you could get into a lot of trouble. If you keep taking work off the internet that is not yours, when you get into college or university, and you are still coping word for word, and the teacher catches you, they could kick you out. So I strongly suggest doing your own work.

By: Tyrell Shaver