A Christmas Carol Background

Carissa Kraft

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens has a lot of information and was an important influence on the world.

  • Charles Dickens was from Portsmouth, England and was born on Feb. 7,1812
  • Charles started off writing descriptive essays, and stories
  • Charles Dickens wrote 14 major novels and had to work at a young age due to debt
  • Charles passed away at his home on June 9,1870 leaving "The mystery of Edwin Drood" unfinished
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The Industrial Revolution had many changes from technology to transportation

  • The Industrial Revolution started in the 1700s, because people started making things in their homes
  • It was a new process in manufacturing
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Victorian Era

Victoria took King William IV spot when he died when Victoria was 18

  • Victoria reined for 64 years
  • After Victoria died In 1901, Edward VII was crowned king after Victoria's passing
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Child labor and Poverty during the Victorian Age

During the Victorian Age, Many children had to pay off their parents' debt by working, and most of the time the parents would still make them work after the debt was cleared, and sometimes won't even let them leave work.

But also some people scrape by,in order not to go into debt.