St. Lucia here we come!

Maybe...depending on the storm :)

Kari will be out of the office September 7th-15th

Office line 1-866-MADWOOD

Our lovely Sales Assistant, Kristina Eanes, always does such a great job covering for me- please reach out to her first if you have questions or need to place an order. Remember I will be out of the country and unable to return calls or emails.

Kristina Eanes -

Other available Sales Reps:

Ben Artale -

Brad Marks-

Nathan Kline -

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We're off!

I'm taking a long re-routed drive tonight towards NYC so I can catch the only flight left heading to the islands. No, St. Lucia was not hit by Irma nor is it in the path for Jose. But we are anxiously watching- just in case. It's vacation time with my husbands family and we are looking forward to the week in the SUNSHINE... (fingers crossed). If not, I'm convinced that's why RUM was developed.
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My little MAN child. (The baby not the husband)

Hasn't he grown?! Our little guy is two months away from turning TWO. His little words are starting to spill out. The "Wuh Yous" and the "Yellwoes" are my favorites. From my family to yours I hope you are enjoying these last few moments of warm summer weather. For everyone with family down south and in Texas you are in my thoughts and prayers while these next two large storms pass through. I look forward to coming back refreshed and ready to kick off Fall with you guys.