Gregor Mendel

Founder of genetics


Gregor Mendel is a scientist who really started the study of genetics. He used pea plants in his research.

Early Years

As a kid, Gregor lived with his parents who were poor farmers. Mendel was a very good student and excelled in math and science. He was rewarded for his skills and was sent to a boarding school in Germany. Although he was very smart, he was never able to pass the tough teaching exams.

What Mendel did

Mendel became a scientist who studied heredity. In his studies, he cross bred green and yellow pea plants. When the first new plants grew they were all yellow. This is because they had the dominant genes which are genes that overpowers the recessive gene. He then bred them again and got a few green ones because the recessive genes, or the gene that is covered up by the dominant gene came out.

Data explained

In Mendel's research, he found that the ratio of yellow to green pea plants was three to one. In the first set of pea plants, he found that they were all yellow. This is because of the yellow gene being dominant over the green gene.


Dominant- a gene that will overpower another gene

Recessive- a gene that will get covered up by a dominant gene

Codominant- neither dominant nor recessive


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