September News

Fargo Public Schools/Title 1


  • Conduct student selection process. (use at least 2 assessments)
  • Determine maximum student caseload. (full time 25-35 students)
  • Determine how instruction will be administered. (pull-out, in-class)
  • Notify parents of student eligibility. (targeted assistance only)
  • Create a fixed schedule of the times in which your students will be served.
  • Serve students who are eligible for Title 1.
  • Create a welcome letter for parents informing them of the Title 1 components. Include the parent involvement policy and parent-school compact.
  • Prepare portfolios for all Title 1 students to keep track of progress.
  • Document that the instruction and programs used within Title 1 are research based.
  • Conduct Annual Fall Parent meeting.
  • Send home information to Title 1 parents as to how they can support their child’s education at home and at school.